Shipwreck Research Information

Ships Name :     Viking

Date Lost : 20/03/1940 ( 4.57 am)

Ex :     Taygeta

Official number : NJVR/OUNF C/590

Ship  Type : Steamship

Cargo : Ballast

Cause: torpedo (U19) Schepke

Wind :WNW  2

Sea State: Slight

Crew : 17

Crew Lost: 14


Pass Lost :00

T/Lost :14

P of Registry: Aabenraa

Flag : Denmark

Owner: Aabenraa Rederi A/S.

Shipbuilder: Flensburger Schiffsbau Gasellschaft. Yd No 138-S

Construction : steel

Where Built: Flensburg

Year Built: 1893

Propulsion: Screw. 3 Cyl.trip.exp

Machinery: Flensburger Schiffsbau Gasellschaft

Boilers: 1


Gross Tons : 1271

Net:776   (tons)

Length : 231.4

Breadth : 34.2

Ships Draft: 14.1     (Ft)

Armament : N/A

Voyage From : Frederikshavn

Voyage To : Burntisland

Location A : Off Wick

Location B :

Latitude :  58.08 N

Longitude :  02.03 W

Depth :

Captain: Johannes Neilsen

(309) S/S VIKING of Aabenraa, 1153 Reg. Ton Gross, built 1893 of steel. On trip from Frederikshavn to Burntisland, in ballast.

Lost after explosion on 20/3 40 in the North Sea; 14 perished.

Sea inquest at Leith 23/3 40. Sea inquest at Copenhagen 9/4 40. Loss notification dated Aabenraa 29/4 40.

At about 04.10 when VIKING in foggy weather was about 30 nautical miles North East of Wick, a violent explosion happened in the forepart of the vessel. One minute later an other explosion occurred amidships, after which the vessel placed itself perpendicular in the water with the stern upwards. After 1/2 hour had passed VIKING sank. 2 crewmembers succeeded in saving themselves onto a raft. On 21/3 at 1.30 they were taken onboard a lifeboat and put ashore on Wick.

Note 1: The casualties are:

Captain:                           Johannes Nielsen.                                          Aabenraa,

1st mate                           Sofus Andersen.                                       Faeroe Islands,

2nd mate                         Nis Hansen Krap.                                  Løjt Kirkeby,

1st engineer                     Oscar Heinrich Jørgen Büssen                  Aabenraa

2nd engineer                   August Bjerring,                                           Aabenraa,

Cook                                  Arthus Carl Holst.                                       Taastrup,

Messroom boy                 Rasmus Lindegaard Christensen                Jetsmark,

Able seamen.                  Alfred Emates.                                                        Estonia  

Able seaman                   Verner Bach Nielsen.                                  Lime

Able seaman                  Arthur Olsen                                                   Frederikshaven,

Ordinary seaman              Vitoft Veinrich Eskildsen                           Hirtshals,
Stoker                                Eduars Nielsen                                           Aarhus,

Stoker.                             Erik Hartvig Christiansen.                    Copenhagen

Stoker.                           Villy Ejnar Christoffer Brøchner.                          Copenhagen.

Note 2. Explosion is believed to be caused by causes of war.

0500/20 Danish SS Viking and Danish SS Bothal sunk in 105° Wick 28 miles.
Wick Lifeboat picked up seven men off two rafts and was searching for a third raft. [ADM 199 362

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