SS Bothal

Sea inquest at Leith on 23/3 40, sea inquest at Copenhagen on 9/4 40. Loss notification dated Copenhagen 25/4 40.

At about 5.00 when BOTHAL was about 30 nautical miles north of Wick an explosion occurred and all lights onboard went out. At the same time flames were seen extending from both sides of the quarterdeck. Immediately after another explosion followed, which
separated the ship into two parts, that sank immediately. A part of the crew, that tried to save themselves on the raft on the foredeck, were sucked down with this when BOTHAL sank. When the raft came up again 5 men saved themselves on it and were on the 21/3 at 2.00 am taken onboard the lifeboat from Wick.
Note 1. The casualties are:


Captain                              Hans Frederik Jensen,

1st mate                             Ole Joan Simon Thomassen,

2nd mate                           Barthol Ryge Larsen.                               all from Copenhagen.

1st Engineer.                     Viggo Deleuran.                                      Kastrup,

2nd Engineer                     Viktor Anton Nielsen .                             Copenhagen,

assistant engineer              Thor Frederik Jensen.                             Toustrup,

steward                              Johan Carl Georg Schneider.  ,                Copenhagen

cook                                   Valdemar Christian Frederik Skjerne.       Copenhagen,

boatswain                           Lars Peder Nielsen.                               Hollerød,

ordinary seaman                Ove Nielsen.                                          Højbjerg by Odder,

ordinary seaman                Heinrich Booth Simonsen                        Odder,

stoker                                 Hans Peter Magnus Hemmingsen,           Copenhagen

stoker                                 Elieser Martin Olsen                               Copenhagen

Stoker                                Hans Valdemar Jøns                               Aarhus.

messroom boy                   Børge Curt Dich Pedersen                       Usserød by Kokkedal.

Note 2. Explosion is believed to be caused by causes of war.


0500/20 Danish SS Viking and Danish SS Bothal sunk in 105° Wick 28 miles.
Wick Lifeboat picked up seven men off two rafts and was searching for a third raft. [ADM 199 362]