MV Sharon Rose

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The Sharon Rose is a 67 ft dive charter vessel.  Like the Jean Elaine, the Sharon Rose is fully fitted as a liveaboard, but is also available for charter as a dayboat.    

The Sharon Rose is skippered by Kevin, he's an old sea dog, well maybe not so old....  He has been with us for 6 seasons now and is well on his way to being an old hand.  We have a permanent crew member onboard who ensures that you get keep well supplied in tea, coffee and also cooks the breakfasts if required.  Ally is new with us this year and is a dab hand at making home made soup.......  Just what's needed after a dive......He's also their to pass equipment to when exiting the boat, and for saftey reasons.

Dayboat charter : For those wishing to go the dayboat option we can help with the onshore accommodation, please ask for further details.

Onboard accommodation includes:

The Sharon Rose is designed and equipped as a large and stable diving platform.