Shipwreck Research Information

Island Lass

Ships Name : Island Lass

Date Lost : 03.03.1962

Ex :

Official number :

Ship  Type :

Cargo : Mail & Supplies

Cause: Foundered

Wind :

Sea State:

Crew : 4

Crew Lost: 0

Pass: 1

Pass Lost : 0

T/Lost : 0

P of Registry :

Flag : UK

Owner :

Shipbuilder :

Construction : Wood

Where Built :

Year Built : 1949

Propulsion :

Boilers :

Gross Tons :

Net:   (tons)

Length :

Breadth :

Ships Draft :     (  )

Armament :

Voyage From : Scalloway

Voyage To : Foula

Location A : Westray

Location B : North of

Latitude : 59.26.00.N

Longitude : 02.43.00.W (PA)

Depth : 60 mtrs Charted

Captain : David Gear



David Gear.                      Skipper

Ken   Gear.                        Son.

Jim   Gear.                         Son.

John Holbourn

 Robert Grey.                     Passenger.



THE ORCADIAN.                                                                                           1st.March.1962.

                                 ISLAND LASS BOX WASHED ASHORE.

A dispatch box from the Foula mail boat I.L which sank off Orkney on the 3rd of March was picked up on the Holm of Papa in Papa Westray. The wooden box contained four loaves, newspapers, and 6 3.5d in change for Betty Humphrey of Foula.

 Kirkwall Coastguard said the money was being sent to her. The damaged “Island Lass” was abandoned by her four man crew during the recent gales and drifted for two days in the North Sea before sinking six miles off Papa Westray after being taken in tow by the Northern Lighthouse ship “Pole Star”. An appeal has been launched in Shetland to replace the “Island Lass”.